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Our beautiful sanctuary sets the scene for a wonderful wedding celebration. Our Pastor would be happy to work with you to craft a service that meets your needs and traditions. Typically, he will meet with couples two or three times prior to a wedding rehearsal. The purpose of these meetings is so that our pastor can get to know you further as a couple and plan with you the wedding ceremony.

Music Director, Babette Bach, is available for organ and piano selections, and we welcome any vocal or instrumental soloists you might invite to share in this celebration.

United Church of Christ congregations are often a suitable “neutral ground” for couples of differing faith backgrounds, as we do not require church membership or baptism for couples. For those who are non-members of this congregation, there are a small number of reasonable fees for building usage and the work of our pastoral, musical, and custodial staff.

Our senior pastor will be available to work with you in making your wedding plans. Clergy from outside our church may assist in the service, at the discretion of the NFCC Pastor. The formal pronouncement of the marriage and the signing of the legal license shall be done by the NFCC Pastor. Please refer to the policies below.

2021 Wedding Policies.pdf

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