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Volunteers are always welcome and needed! If you would like to offer your time or talent, please email the Church at officenfcc@gmail.com Please include your name and phone contact.

 Board of Deacons

 ·        Provide weekly Diaconate & Usher coverage for the 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. services, as well as special services in Advent and Lent

 ·        Promote Spiritual welfare of the Church.

 ·        Set-up for Communion

 ·        Work with the Pastor on Church Membership

 Buildings & Grounds

 ·        Maintain the physical buildings, including the Thrift Ship and the Parsonage.

 ·        Manage contractual maintenance services.

 ·        Approve maintenance expenditures.

 Finance Committee

 ·        Manage Church finances and investments

 ·        Administer annual NFCC High School graduates’ Scholarships

 ·        Oversee fund raising activities

 ·        Prepare annual budget

 Christian Education

 ·        Help oversee all children’s activities and Sunday School

 ·        Assist CE Director recruiting teachers

 ·        Review Curriculum with the CE Director

 ·        Organize Children’s Sunday in coordination with the CE Director

 ·        Youth Ministry coordination.

 ·        Develop programs to address family life and adult education


 ·        Manage Outreach budget

 ·        Identify programs and services needing NFCC’s support

 ·        Inform the Congregation of mission / volunteer opportunities


 ·        Plan and execute the annual giving pledge drive

 ·        Encourage church members to be good stewards


 ·        Provide refreshments fort the Sunday coffee hour and special events

 ·        Provide a collation and welcoming place for families who are grieving

 ·        Schedule weekly coffee hour hosts

 ·        Order supplies for all hospitality events


 ·        Committee work with the music director

 ·        Arrange for special music events

 ·        Provide music for summer months

 Altar Committee

 ·        Provide yearly calendar to schedule weekly flower dedications

 ·        Contact donors for Sunday flowers

 ·        Organize Christmas and Easter flowers

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